What Is On Page Seo – 10 Tips To Optimize For To Rank

on page seo

What Is On Page Seo – 10 Tips To Optimize For To Rank

 on page seo

There are two types of Seo :
On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization In On Page Seo there is one type of SEO that is are On-Site Seo

What is On-site Seo?

On-Site SEO comes to optimize all pages of an entire website, which also includes the settings of permalink structure and sitemap etc.

So let’s come to the Topic.

In this, we have covered only On Page Seo optimization tips.

What is On-Page SEO?

Talk about On Page Seo in this we optimize to the content of any single post that we have to rank in a particular targeted keyword, it included proper heading, proper keyword placement and quality of content and other facts.

Why should you do On-Page SEO?

when beginner blogger listens to that word like Seo optimize Article then they think this is some kind of hard work or not a good practice.

This is not a good practice but this is a very important practice.

1. A search engine is nothing but just a set of some algorithm. They can find some different factors in your page or articles so that they can rank your pages or articles for some keywords.

Today I will share 10 On Page Seo tips that will help you to get great ranking. Before I share that tips with you, here are some non-technical term that you can look today.

Improve User Experience Make sure that your website is responsive and broken links are least on your website

2. Make sure that peoples are coming to your site from search engine they should spend too much time on your site.If they press the back button quickly then your ranking will drop quickly.

3.Create Quality Content

Make sure that you have written some quality content that will help your readers. Get Feedback from peoples and Improve your site. So Now I will share 10 On Page Seo Tips

1.Blog Post Title

The title of the blog post is very important for On-Page Seo Optimization. If your blog title is very good then peoples are click on your blog post link. In other words, if you have to get more clicks then your blog will get better ranking. Make sure that you are your targeted keyword in the title of your blog post.

2.Post Permalink Structure

The second most important things are that you should carefully set up the permalink of your post and also set up your entire sites permalink structure.

Make sure that your targeted keywords are used in your permalink.

3.Heading Tags

Heading tags are not very important factors for your search engine ranking. But you can still use proper heading tags like H1, H2 and H3 in your entire article and you will get definitely benefit in your ranking. Make sure that you can put your main keyword in your heading tags.

4.Keyword Density

Keyword density is no longer for most important factors nowadays, because there is most important thing matters most is quality of your content. If you are writing an article for a highly targeted keyword then it would be great you to put some keywords and other related to that keyword and keep keyword density is 1.5%.

5.Meta Tags

Meta tags are nothing but some tags that provide a search engine to short about some important information about your article. There is a one very important meta tag is meta description.

Meta description provides some small information about your blog post and meta description display the beneath of your post title and post links. If you use your main keyword in your meta description then you will able to find ranking in your particular keyword in a search engine.


Nowadays, Images are very important for your article because peoples are not interested to read the article they want to watch images in your article. In this time search engine are improving the ranking of sites that using media. It will be a recommendation for you that you want to create a targeted blog for your targeted keyword and use images and media such as music and videos etc. If you have put your targeted keyword in ALT tag of images and their names. That is very helpful for your blog post.

7.Word Count In Post

One thing is common that if post length is very high then ranking is very excellent. For Example- Blogger Neil Patel

You must have seen that all of the articles of Neil Patel blogs are very high which means their word count per post is very high. Therefore their ranking is also often in number in the search engine.

You should write great content in from increased driving and as much as you can tell your post the better. Use media to in your post to prevent readers from being bored.

8.Internal Linking

Internal linking is a very important factor for on-page SEO. I would like to give some example of internal linking is Wikipedia, you may have seen that Wikipedia articles, however, has a lot of internal linking. You have also should do internal linking on your article that related to your article. Take the example of internal linking in our post I have to place the internal links in many places in this article that are related to our post. You should also do that, for getting good ranking.

9.External Linking

The way in which internal links in Wikipedia they also have the separate section for external linking. You should also get external linking in your article at different places where required. Talking about external linking in another very important thing, Backlinks are called as external linking.

 10. Write Engaging Content

You have to write something like this that will help you for more and more users are able to engage with our article for much time. A Seo is such that we have to keep the attention for those factors, along with it, keeping in mind our readers are engaging with our content.

Always keep in your mind you have written content for your readers not for search engine.

Some Important Tips:
About keyword placement

>Put your main keyword in your title.
>put the keyword in your first paragraph.
>put the keyword in the permalink.
>put the keyword in heading.
>put the keyword in ALT tag of Image.
>1.5% overall keyword density.

Some things that do not do:

>Do not use more than one H1 tag.
>Your post’s title is your H1 tag.
>Do not repeat same H2 and H3 tags.

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