How To Do Directory Submission of Your Blog

How To Do Directory Submission 

How To Do Directory Submission of Your Blog

How To Do Directory Submission in SEO: Backlinks to your blog are very important. More to be a secure link building profile is also important. I have listed a large list of natural link building techniques in this post. So Today I will tell you another source of secure backlinks that means directory submission. And I will tell how to do directory submission.

Blog directories are often overlooked and considered to be spammy, but if done safely, then it is a great unpredictable source of do follow backlinks and exposure for your blog.

This full tutorial of blog directory submission will help you go through the complete processing of finding the blog directory.

What are Blog Directories?

Wikipedia describes blog directories as a large number of databases that list websites based on categories and subcategories. Most directories submit entire categories instead of individual pages or posts in a category or niche.

For example, if you have a blog in a news niche but you have written one or two articles on entertainment related, then your blog will be classified in the news niche instead of both.

Most blog directories are free to enrol, but some paid people are also present who have the benefit of themselves.

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What is the Use of Directory Submission in SEO?

Blog directories show your blog presence in your blogging circle. Following are some of the benefits when you join the blog directory.

1) Get quality backlinks:

Most blog directories sites are spam-free and SEO is a potential source of friendly backlinks. Some blog directories also offer do follow backlinks. Imagine what could be the benefit of getting 10 Dofollow backlinks from 10 submissions on your blog ranking in SERP.

2) Receiving heavy risk:

let’s face it. Your audience is the key to the existence of your blog. You have your own set of viewers from a particular demographic area. Those borders are being crossed and even seen by a large audience.

Blog directories display your site for each related search query on your database. This means that there are more chances of viewers who will not have any information on your blog.

3) Increasing total earnings of the blog:

Keeping the above facts in mind, we can say that by submitting your blog to the directory, you can help in obtaining a review request. Apart from this, they increase the likelihood of searching for your blog so that you have an increased audience base.

How to do Directory Submission for SEO?

Now that we know what the blog directories are and how they can help us in blogging, signing up will not be a mistake. So here are a few easy steps to submit and backlink your site to various blog directories.

Step 1:  First we do some pre-submission for the blog directory

There is an easy task to perform here before submitting your site. This pre-work will help you to easy submission of your blog in blog directory submission sites.

so let’s start.

1. First, you have to Create a Notepad File and Save them.
2. In that notepad paste Your Blog URL,
3. Paste Your blog’s RSS feed URL,
4. Add Your Social Profile Link
5. And a brief part describing your site (some directories require this.)

Step 2: Find some awesome and huge lists of 2 blog directories. You can find the two most popular blog directory in following.

Step 3: For blog directory submission I have chosen

Step 4: Choose the perfect category for your submission URL.

Step 5: Find your relevant sub-category for your submission.

Step 6: Choose category/sub-category that related to your blog’s niche.

how to do blog directory submission

Step 7: After selecting the perfect subcategory for your blog. Then click on submit your site button. See the screenshot below.

How To Do Directory Submission 

Step 8: Fill in the details from the notepad just you have created.

How To Do Directory Submission 

Step 9: Click on Add my site button.

Now you have completed one blog directory submission. If you have a time then find some blog directory and submit your site. If you don’t find some high pr blog directory then don’t worry I will give you. Click on the following link if you want directory submission sites.

I hope this article How to do directory submission will help you to blog directory submission. If you have any question about this article then feel free to comment. I will give my best answer.

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