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Best Free Seo Tools For Bloggers

free seo tools

Best Free Seo Tools For Bloggers

free seo tools


Hello guys, Today I will suggest some best free SEO tools that will help you on your blogging journey. In this article, I have to tell best free SEO tools that I personly using in present time.

Using that free SEO tools you can all your website related difficulties. so let’s get started

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1.Google Keyword Planner

free seo tools

Using this Google keyword planner you will know how much search has been done on that particular keyword and how much competition is been there. you can use less competition keyword in your article. I hope this free SEO tool that will help you to find some keywords.

2.Google PageSpeed Insights

Using this google page speed insights you can check your websites speed. It is very important for every website that they load in how much time.

free seo tools

if your website speed is not good then your reader has not comfortable with your website so you can check your website speed and see your website has mobile friendly or not. website page speed is a part of on-page SEO then you can read this article for on-page SEO.


free seo tools

Using this tool you can find more than 700+ keyword ideas from your particular single keyword.so you can use this tool for your good blogging journey if you want to use.so you can enter one keyword and this tool will give more and more keyword suggestions. This tool is used to give long tail keyword suggestion.

4.Google Analytics   

free seo tools

Using this tool you check your traffic and where from coming to that traffic on your blog. And how many times a new user is coming to our blog and how many times returning users are coming. And you can check your bounce rate and any information about users city, country and what is the system using that user you can check.

5.Google Webmaster

free seo tools

This tool is used to index a sitemap of your website.how much URL of your website has indexed and what is the traffic for in search result. This tool is very helpful for your traffic this tool is used to show your URL in google search engine.

6.Google trends

free seo tools

This tool is very useful for you because you know from this tool that what is being searched on the trends in google right now.In this tool, you can find a better keyword that ranked in Google search engine if you have written about that particular keyword maybe you can get lots of traffic.

7.XML Sitemaps 

free seo tools

Using this tool, you can create the sitemap of your website. Simply you have to paste your website’s URL and press the enter button and you can insert this sitemap to google webmaster. Using this tool you can create any website’s sitemap.

8.Answer The Public 

free seo tools

Using this tool, you can generate the lots of ideas about your particular keyword. Just you have to put your keyword and click on “Get Answer” button that tool will you showed lots of ideas about that keyword.

9.Link Miner 

free seo tools

Using this free SEO tool, you can find backlinks of your website and also check your competitor backlinks. This tool is used to check your websites ranking and this tool is provided free keyword research tool.

10.Similar Web

free seo tools

Using similar web you can check your website ranking, traffic, your top keyword. And also you can compare your website with your competitor.

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