3 Best Website’s To Check Your Blog Loading Time


3 Awesome Website’s To Check Your Blog Loading Time

Hello Friends, welcome to our website Tech Shout Us. In today’s article, you will find three awesome websites for checking your website load time or speed.so if you want to know what is that website then you want to read this article fully.

website load time

website load time is a very important factor for your website’s search engine ranking and maintaining a good user experience. Even Google has said that if your website load time is very high, then you can be penalized from Google search engine rankings. Then you can try to speed up your website load time.


To improve the loading time of your website. I would be recommended to you to use WP SUPER CACHE plugin. For improving your website load time. This plugin is used to remove the garbage in your website and minify the CSS files and HTML files and much more.

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Now you have to make sure that your newly applied techniques are improving the loading time of your website or not. For that, you will have to check your website’s loading time. So Here I am going to share the three best online tools from which you can check your website load time.

These websites also help you to suggest that you should improve on your website or blog. So let’s start the with the topic.

3 Best Website’s To Check Your Website Load Time

1.GT Matrix 

website load time

This is the first website that I will recommend you to check your website load time. Because it will analyze your webpage and also tell them what the changes you have to do on your website for getting good website load time.

Here is the performance report of TechShoutUs below. You can see that our site load time is 3.2 second and page speed score 81% which is good. You can see that they will give lots of suggestion for our website.


website load time

website load time

Gt Matrix also offers a WordPress plugin that will help you to keep track of loading time of your website or blog on the dashboard of your WordPress.


This is a very good website that will check your website page load time and gives you a great overview of your blog or website’s overall performance. This website tells you better about which element of your page taking most of the time taking to open so that you can easily improve your website or blog.

website load time


You can sort there result according to the different parameter like load size, load order etc. One of the best things about this website is that will tell you which external script has taken the most time to load. And their history tab will you tell that how your website has improved over the time.


website load time

This is another very popular tool to check your website loading time. The best thing about this tool is that they will offer different places to test your website load time. And you can also choose that in which web browser you want to test your website loading time.

These tools are the best tools for checking the loading time of your website or blog, which will give you great information about your website load time and then you can work to improve your website load time.

Most Important :

  • Do not allow website load time  3-4 second 
  • Make sure that your website is mobile friendly 

for the mobile-friendly test, you can check this article that will help you to check your website is mobile friendly or not.

Tell me which tool you use to check your website load time if you are any question about this you can comment below.

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